Table of Contents


Introduction: Debunking the Hard Work Myth
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Lazy to the Core
Chapter 1 Work???
Chapter 2 In Praise of Laziness
Chapter 3 In Search of Effortlessness
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Chapter 4 How to Succeed Without Working
Part 1: Fun & Games
Chapter 5 How to Succeed Without Working
Part 2: Passion
Chapter 6 Finding Your Calling in Life
Chapter 7 The Ultimate Performance
Chapter 8 The Lazy Way to Power and Effectiveness
Chapter 9 The Lazy (and Only) Way to Solving Problems
Chapter 10 The Lazy Way to Effortless Leadership
Chapter 11 The Lazy Way to Good Luck
Chapter 12 The Lazy Secret to Blinding Flashes of Genius
Chapter 13 Finding Success in Failure, Accidents, Mistakes, Obstacles, and Hardships
Chapter 14 How to Do Nothing and Accomplish Everything
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Part 2
The Easiest Way to Do Nothing