But if you want the kind of success that has Wall Street investment bankers dancing around you like trained bears, then you need to replace the 16-hour mindset with a new math. The one-plus-one-plus-one-plus-one plodding mentality of working longer and harder is like ending your math education with counting.

Now, I will readily concede that if you achieve something in one hour, you will achieve two somethings in two hours. If your desiring limit is 16 somethings, then you have found the right, mindless formula. But what if you want a million somethings? Then you need a new math.

The basis of this new math is the pure, simple, and elegant truth - SUCCESS IS INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL TO HARD WORK. This means, as effort and hard work become less, success becomes more. As you move towards effortlessness, success moves towards infinity.

The natural conclusion from this truth is that hard work is detrimental to success. One obvious clue is that the world is chock-full of hard workers (nearly everyone works hard) yet there are few successful ones among them. Yet for some cockamamie reason, people still cling to the notion that the harder they work, the more successful they will become. In reality, the only thing proportional to hard work and effort is fatigue.

In these pages, you will learn to embrace the laziness that strives for effortless performance - the ability to do nothing in order to achieve everything.


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